What are your plans this weekend?

Hi everyone! Hope you are having an awesome weekend! What are your plans today and the rest of the weekend? Adam and I are excited because we found a great project to do, and this is going to start our Weekend Project/Monday Giveaways!   This is what we are working with this weekend. On MondayContinue Reading

How do you set Boundaries with your Children’s Friends?

How do you set Boundaries with your Children’s Friends?

Today and the past week my girls found a new friend. She lives right across the street, so they’ve been playing a lot! They play in the sprinkler, ride their scooters outside and play inside with all of the toys they have. The girls beg me to let them play with her everyday. I usuallyContinue Reading

Urban Survival Hammer

So I am kind of a fan of survival and preparedness. I am not really the “end is near” kind of guy (though it can be fun to imagine!) but I do like to feel at least somewhat prepared for emergencies. One of my favorite things is planning for emergency situations based on where IContinue Reading