Fun Weekend Project and Giveaway!

**Just a note: For you chance to win all you need to do is leave a comment, and then click on the “I left a comment” button on the widget below! The others are just add-on’s to improve your odds!

Hi Everyone! We hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend and were safe in your travels. We stayed home and hung out, tried to stay cool in this 100+ degree heat in Hurricane. We also worked on a project together and are excited to show you what we did, and also do a giveaway.

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What are your plans this weekend?

Hi everyone! Hope you are having an awesome weekend! What are your plans today and the rest of the weekend? Adam and I are excited because we found a great project to do, and this is going to start our Weekend Project/Monday Giveaways!   This is what we are working with this weekend. On MondayContinue Reading

Urban Survival Hammer

So I am kind of a fan of survival and preparedness. I am not really the “end is near” kind of guy (though it can be fun to imagine!) but I do like to feel at least somewhat prepared for emergencies. One of my favorite things is planning for emergency situations based on where IContinue Reading

You Call this Work?

Apologies for my absence last week. When we moved back to the St. George area it was in large part due to a promotion at work. This new position includes somewhat frequent travel. Typically these trips are to such exotic locales as Indiana or New Hampshire, beautiful places to be sure, but hardly prime vacationContinue Reading

10 Things in Life that Make Me Happy

Bri shared her list of 10 happy things after her women’s retreat last week. I was really impressed with this idea, I can’t remember the last time I took some time to evaluate my life and what makes me happy. Not that I am stealing from Bri, but our lists start off very similar. TheyContinue Reading