Fun Weekend Project and Giveaway!

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Hi Everyone! We hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend and were safe in your travels. We stayed home and hung out, tried to stay cool in this 100+ degree heat in Hurricane. We also worked on a project together and are excited to show you what we did, and also do a giveaway.

I have always wanted to do a project with a pallet and wanted to see how it would turn out. I have never really gotten into projects, but I thought it would be fun if Adam and I could work on it together. We were out on the Fourth of July and drove right by a project site, they had pallets laying around and most of them in the dumpster. Well I am not proud to say this but we went dumpster diving. We retrieved one pallet to work with. Got it home and looked everywhere on the internet for inspiration of what to make. I found many projects that I liked will now be making.

Step One:

We started the project by tearing down the pallet. We didn’t think it would be that hard so we got the hammer out and started to pull nails out and pulling it apart.

It was fun trying to decide the best way to tear the pallet down. The wood split many times and the nails were really hard to get out. We even had an old nail puller to see if we could get them out with that, but it didn’t help. The nails were in there pretty deep. We finally got it all torn down though, and felt pretty good about all the wood we had to use. We have many pieces left over after doing this project, so we are excited about that.

Step Two:

After the tear down we had to get them to the size we wanted so we measured and then cut them down with a saw. We were going to sand the edges and the front part, but we decided we wanted to go for a rustic look and more of the “pallet” design to them. So we left the edges the way they were and the front also.



Step Three:

The fun part, painting! Well I guess that is an arguable topic. I think the men out there would say that the tear down and being able to use the saw was the best part. The painting for me was the best part. Adam did say it was a little girly to be painting and stenciling! We had fun though at the table sitting together and painting. It was fun to see the colors we used dry and see how it all turned out. We used paint I had won from a giveaway a while ago and so this was a perfect project for it.

The results are in! We had so much fun with this project, and we are already planning our next one. We hope you can find the time to do projects with a loved one and have fun. I think that was the best part of this whole thing, not only did Adam and I get to hangout and be together, but the kiddos had fun helping in their own ways too. Now onto the giveaway!

We have a fun sign to giveaway. You will be able to choose one of the signs we made. Please follow the directions on the rafflecopter below. Thanks!

Finished Project:




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5 Responses to Fun Weekend Project and Giveaway!

  1. robynski says:

    What a cool project! I hope I win.

  2. Smee says:

    You guys did a great job. I’ve always wondered about the tear down, thanks for being honest about the “ease” of getting it apart! I love the colours you chose, really cute! Thanks for the chance!

    As far as a favourite weekend project…currently it’s repainting a shed in the back yard…wanting to change out the horrid colour and make it a tad more “beach hut” than halloween haunted shed! lol

  3. Jennifer Hornback says:

    So cute! Love it!

  4. Angie Mireles says:

    Looks like you guys are having fun!!!

  5. Heather says:

    So so cute. happy you shared this cute project.

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