What are your plans this weekend?

Hi everyone! Hope you are having an awesome weekend! What are your plans today and the rest of the weekend? Adam and I are excited because we found a great project to do, and this is going to start our Weekend Project/Monday Giveaways!


This is what we are working with this weekend. On Monday we will give step by step instructions on what we have made and post the finished product. We will also be having a giveaway for 1 of the decorations I make out of it. I am so excited to get going on this and hope everyone will enter! Have a great weekend! Stay cool out there in this heat!


2 Responses to What are your plans this weekend?

  1. Smee says:

    well that’s a teaser if I’ve ever seen one! wahoo! can’t wait to see what I’ll, I mean, someone can win!

  2. robynski says:

    So glad you are getting to some of those things you’ve wanted to do. Excited to see how thy turn out.

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